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2020 - what else you got?

jk, don't come for me 2020. this year has been a year full of emotional rollercoasters, uncomfortable conversations, growth, change, disappointment... i could honestly keep going. the last time you saw a blog post from us was a rad update regarding our re-brand and name change. that seemed to kick off a chain of events that i wouldn't change for the world.  you ready? am i ready? that is truly the question. i had to make a toughhhhh decision to step away from my full time career at the end of july to focus on my health and wellbeing. this decision was the hardest i have ever had to make and sometimes i still catch my brain self doubting but i...

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why were leaving our name behind.

welcome back to those who have chosen to continue to evolve with us and welcome to those that are new. as you can see, new website, new name, but same quality, people, and vision.  when liveindiansummer first began, i was evolving from an attempted blogger (rough time realizing you hate photos being taken of yourself), working with leather and fringe to what you know of us now. i never expected that this side hustle and passion project would gain traction to where i saw an increase in monetary gain.we have chosen to continue to evolve and welcome our new name as hi west silver. this fits us. this fits what we make. this gives us room and opportunity to grow....

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