who we are: my name is michaelyn, my forever partner- james, and can't forget our golden lola! we started this side hustle as just that, channeling my creative vision and passion for jewelry and turquoise. there were many late nights in our studio (really just a garage at the time) in orange county, california crying over spilt silver and cracked stones. this has and is a labor of love. i am so stoked to be able to finally take this journey on full time and continue to evolve as a human and a brand. we are now located right outside of palm springs, california!
what we love to do: be outside! whether its at our local joshua tree national park, camping in big sur, or flying to mexico. trying any new food recommendations. we love a good flea market. and as of most recent, landscaping our backyard. 
what we stand for: we strive for equality for all and a purpose led lifestyle. we believe in doing what you love, and making that your life work. we accept change and growth all while being kind, and standing up for others who don't have the ability to do so. we frequently support non-profit organizations demanding change with relocating funds directly to them.
xoxo. michaelyn, james, and lola.