2020 - what else you got?

jk, don't come for me 2020. this year has been a year full of emotional rollercoasters, uncomfortable conversations, growth, change, disappointment... i could honestly keep going. the last time you saw a blog post from us was a rad update regarding our re-brand and name change. that seemed to kick off a chain of events that i wouldn't change for the world. 

you ready? am i ready? that is truly the question. i had to make a toughhhhh decision to step away from my full time career at the end of july to focus on my health and wellbeing. this decision was the hardest i have ever had to make and sometimes i still catch my brain self doubting but i am working on when one door closes, another opens right? the door that opened was me focusing on my business... full time! i couldn't be more fucking excited. 

now, let me present to you what the universe presented. when i made the decision for me to step aside from my career nothing tied us down to orange county. we had the opportunity to move, to start over, to begin the rest of our lives. we have been trying to buy a house since mid 2019, so close to where we were in escrow but after some newly found issues mid inspection we had to walk. i was DEVASTATED. fast forward to now mid july, the same time i was putting in my notice at work, we found THE house. (LIKE THE HOUSE) we put in an offer. it was accepted. two weeks later we packed our shit and haven't looked back since. (actually looked back a couple times since some packages were going to the old house, thank you fed ex for being the absolute worst in customer service.)

i am A FIRM believer of everything happens for a reason. every. single. thing. who knows, if i didn't decide to focus on me, would this house have presented itself? would our offer be accepted? would we be able to move in time and leave everything we've known. i wasn't sure. but we did it.

why am i blogging about this? well i want to be open and share more! since i am able to finally invest more time and energy i want to show a side i haven't been able to before. now back to regularly scheduled programing: new collection coming SATURDAY, AUGUST 29th 5:00 PM PST!