why were leaving our name behind.

welcome back to those who have chosen to continue to evolve with us and welcome to those that are new. as you can see, new website, new name, but same quality, people, and vision. 

when liveindiansummer first began, i was evolving from an attempted blogger (rough time realizing you hate photos being taken of yourself), working with leather and fringe to what you know of us now. i never expected that this side hustle and passion project would gain traction to where i saw an increase in monetary gain.

we have chosen to continue to evolve and welcome our new name as hi west silver. this fits us. this fits what we make. this gives us room and opportunity to grow. we don't plan to just stop at silver, or turquoise. i to would like to evolve as a jeweler into working with gold, conflict free diamonds, and creating your forever heirloom pieces. i would love to start bringing other diverse brands online to broaden our customer base and shop.

what is most important is WHY we made the decision to change our name. i am going to be blunt and honest. the word Indian. it is not my place, nor anyone else that is not of Navajo descent to profit off of this word. i don't want to mislead customers to think they were purchasing from someone who is of Navajo descent, and i did not want to leave room for that in the future. as an ally to BIPOC i have to frequently take a step back and observe my own actions and where i could potentially be causing harm, and our brand name was a big red flag.

this is a big transition for our brand but when i'm uncomfortable i know i am growing. i am so excited for the future! be confident in knowing we as a brand are doing the work, researching, re-learning history. we are committed to doing better, not just as a company but as real people behind the scenes. those that have followed for a while know that i frequently make donations to BIPOC organizations and will continue to do so. we will continue to speak up and out for marginalized communities while also taking accountability for any mistakes made along the way.

i appreciate all of you that are here! i can't wait to show you what we have in store. ✨ #hiwestsilver